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Submitted on
January 16, 2007


64 (who?)
All right, the time has come, the winners of the Deviant of the Year Awards are to be announced.

First off, a congratulations to everyone that was nominated, you all deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back for getting this far. Secondly, a thank you to everyone that nominated and voted, you are what made this what it is.

And here, we announce, those who you have voted as your Deviants of the Year for 2006:

Best New Deviant - GH-MoNGo (Prize: ODD feature from oibyrd +3 month sub donated by timmy64)
Forum Choice Award - electricjonny (Prize: ODD feature + 3 month sub donated by robinism)
Best in Chat - Chuckskull (Prize: ODD feature + 3 month sub donated by robinism)
Best Avatar - truemarmalade (Prize: ODD feature + 3 month sub donated by Step-Into-Liquid-516)
Best Signature - darkmoon3636 (Prize: ODD feature + 3 month sub donated by Step-Into-Liquid-516)
Best Senior Member - bellchild (Prize: ODD feature + Print from oibyrd's shop)
Best Chat Admin (MN@) - shutdown (Prize: ODD feature + Print prize from TastyOne)
Best in Staff - hexentanz (Prize: ODD feature + Print from oibyrd's shop)
Favourite Former Staff - jark (Prize: ODD feature + Print prize from arthaus)
Deviant of the Year - tExTuReMaTtIc (Prize: ODD feature + 1 year sub from timmy64 + Print prize from robinism)*

Congratulations to the winners, you all deserve to have received this commendation for your services to the site.

And now, as the Deviant of the Year Awards 2006 draw to a close, I suppose it may be customary to just thank everybody who made this possible. A big thank you needs to go out to TastyOne for helping me develop the concept, also to thank in that respect is Step-Into-Liquid-516 for helping to narrow down the categories to an economically viable list. Also, thanks must go to junoknight for trying to badger lolly for admin support. Thanks to Moonbeam13 for correcting the typo in our Nominations article. Also, a huge thanks to junoknight, Tepara, Azildin and cloude, all of whom kept me sane while I counted the nominations and the votes. Thanks go out to all those who nominated, and all those who voted. While your deviant may not have been picked, I like to believe you made some kind of a difference all the same. Special mention must go to the few who would wish to defy the rules and try to nominate themselves. You certainly did give me a laugh in your creativity in trying to sell yourselves. In closing, I would like to thank the sponsors, those who nominated and voted, and everyone who supported us. It's been a wonderful experience, and I hope to see you all again later this year of DOTY 2007.
Thanks a million, it's been great.
timmy64 - Founder of Deviant of the Year Awards.

Note: We will be taking suggestions on how we may improve the awards for 2007, so if you have any ideas, note this account.

* Prizes from oibyrd may be significantly delayed as she is experiencing a backlog from previous large projects, Minor delays may be expected from other sponsors.
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mothnode Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hooray for all!
frnchx Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2007  Student Photographer
omg I'm in there. :D

I turned signatures off.
lorddarq Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Congrats to the winners... single person I would have supported would I have been able to vote(being in vacation), would have been jark.I am really curious to see the criteria used to pick the persons eligible to public voting.Disappointing anyways.Best artist would have been more relevant... best signature ? best in chat ? it's childish to say at least,if not hillarious.Remember that this is a art community and not a damn internet cafe or some kind of comic tv show.dA is going down the drain and I'm enjoying the view. :salute:
GH-MoNGo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Professional
Childish? I fail to see how one's contributions to this site being recognized by these (albeit unofficial) awards can be called "childish". There's more to being a Deviant than just having artistic proficiency.
lorddarq Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
i was not talking about being a deviant,that term has long lost it's meaning,I was talking about being an artist,cultivanting yourself,not beeing part of a mass consumption society
GH-MoNGo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Professional
Well then you're looking at these awards in the wrong way. dA isn't an art competition. It's not a competition in general anyway. And since art is so subjective, it wouldn't be fair to try and determine who is the "best" just for the sake of doing so.

I don't believe the term "deviant" has lost its meaning. To me, being a deviant means being a part of this great community.
lorddarq Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
you got your beliefs and i got mine... if you think an artist can stay as unskilled and ignorant and still be an artist,let that be your oppinion.
Tepara Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, now that's not very nice of you. From your other messages you sent between my club *Black-White-Club account and myself. My views on what you were trying to say had changed. But in this comment you are insulting an artist.
That is just low and uncalled for.
ALL artists on DA are talented in there own way.
Dont go around insulting people hun. That really isn't called me :(
lorddarq Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
i won't insult anyone any more,don't worry,just read this:
take out art from da and it will become myspace.what is the real difference ? you ca have a community with 4 guys who want the same thing.As much as it is a community,dA started as a potential breeding ground for artistic talent and skill (that was the original ideea behind this site),just try and remember that.Since you offered jark that prize (wich i fully agree with),why don't you do yourself a favour and chat a bit with him and see what was dA supposed to be and what it's become now.dA has nothing to do whatsoever with what it was intended.It's become a festering breeding ground for trendwhores who like to take pics "me and dog" "me and soup" me and friend" and don't have the slightest ideea what art really is supposed to be.Art is culture,mass products are signs of idiocracy and ignorance.but don't worry, the site as you know it know will survive, just that it will eventually drown in the cesspool it created by itself.I just want to stick around long enough to see it happen.
Tepara Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
First Ill just remind you I am not the founder of this club. "Since you offered jark that prize (which i fully agree with)," Gives me the impression that you think I am. So Ill just get that clear from the start :aww:
I have talked to Scott. A few times to be correct. I also talk to his mother. On and off the Internet. (not that, that has anything to do with this :aww: )
You are going way off track here. Don't compare DA with Myspace hun. That's just not cool :no:
Da being or not being like DA has nothing to do with DOTY.
DOTY was intended to be a fun thing, something to get the community together. To be friendly.
Not bitch and moan about this and that.
No matter what. There is no way that everyone can be pleased.
All that we can really do is hold our heads high, support each other as a whole community.
I would comment on the "pics of me and dog" etc. because I totally understand what you are getting at. But this has nothing to do with DOTY, so I will stay clear of that.
wonders off to read the note you sent me
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